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2011 HI-TEC Conference

Introduction to Android Platform and AppInventor

Presented by David Keathly

2011 Innovations Conference, San Diego CA

Engaging Business to Build Accountable Workforce Programs

Presenters: Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

2010 ATE PI Conference, Washington DC

Kevin Dippel - Student Showcase Poster Presentation

2010 NCPN Conference, Dallas TX

Recruitment Best Practices: Making Connections and Maintaining Those Connections

Presenters: Ann Blackman and Mike Harsh

NCPN Connections Newsletter, Volume 20, Number 6

Article: Recruitment Practices by Ann Blackman

Sabrina Liu - Student Showcase Poster Presentation

HI-TEC 2010, Orlando FL

Turnkey Labs to Implement Green IT and Other ICT Concepts

Pete Brierley and Bill Saicheck

Timur Mirzoev

Ernie Friend

Ensuring Success for a New Technical Program

Presenter: Ann Beheler Panel: David Keathly, Eliazar Martinez, Ann Blackman

League for Innovation in the Community College, Innovations Conference 2010

Mentoring Saves Time and Money in Starting Green IT Program

Presenters: Ann Beheler, Helen Sullivan and Bill Saichek

Convergence Technology: The Green IT Solution

Presenters: Ann Beheler and Pete Brierley

Collin College Emerging Technology Business Breakfast Forum February 11, 2010

Keynote Speaker, Corey Kirkendoll, CCIE "The Face Of The New Employee"

Video segment Corey referenced:
Class Produces Parody of 'The Office' to Highlight Challenges of Teaching With Technology


Texas Community College Technology Forum Plano TX November 13, 2009

Green IT Summit Presentations

Utilizing Virtualization Technologies for Greener IT Environments

Dr. Timur Mirzoev

Overview of Green IT Education Opportunities

Dr. Ann Beheler, PI, CTC

League CIT, Detroit MI - October 11, 2009

Convergence Leads The Change in the Green IT Revolution

Presented by Ann Beheler, PI, CTC and Pete Brierley, Professor, Collin College

Mentoring Helps Colleges Launch Degree Programs Quickly

Presented by Ann Beheler, PI, CTC; Bill Saichek, Orange Coast College; Mary Speiser and Karl Dietrich, Lansing Community College

High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) Scottsdale AZ July 19 - 22, 2009