The Convergence Technology Center lab and grant offices are located on Collin College's Preston Ridge Campus in Frisco, TX. Remote labs are available at El Centro, Dallas, and at other colleges around the country who are mentored by the CTC. Convergence Technology labs and curricula have been developed through a partnership of business and education professionals involved with convergence networks.

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READ FIRST document – Use template provided:

· Lists all documents included in curriculum package
· 16 week outline of
o Learning Objectives
o Learning Activities
o Assessments listed
· Outline design specs
o Arial font
o Top row, use brown fill (RGB 102,51,0)
o ½ point solid lines for borders
Syllabus - Use template provided

Learning Activities – Use template provided. Provide each learning activity in separate document. Save all learning activities in a folder labeled “[COURSE NAME] Learning Activities”.

Lab Activities – Use template provided. Make sure to note what Learning Activity the Lab is to be used with.

Powerpoint (lecture notes)

· Use Template provided
o Font Color: RGB 41.13.183
o Headings: Verdana
o Body: Arial
· On last slide, make sure to include contact information of lead person for this curriculum project.
Assessments – Use template provided.

Girls are IT! Workshop: